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Field Guide, Wildlife & Hospitality Management School

- K  R  U  G  E  R     N  A  T  I  O  N  A  L     P  A  R  K -

To be, or not to be…that is the question. To guide, or not to guide…is an even better question!!! Let us introduce you to the true ‘art’ of guiding and send you on your way to a rewarding career in the bush with a sound foundation of ethics, skill and competency.  

Passing an assessment and really knowing what you’re doing being fully and utterly ready to enter the guiding industry as a guide is very often two different scenarios.

During the FGASA PRACTICAL PREP WEEK (7 Days) or MONTH (25 Days)  our FGASA training instructors will equip you with all the necessary skills, additional knowledge and confidence you need to not only pass your assessment, but fly through it.

It’s all about getting a natural ‘feel’ for guiding, being able to put knowledge into practice and mastering the art of bush interpretation.

Your Summative Assessment will then be carried out on the last day of the course.

Student Registration:

COURSE TYPE: Full-time Training

DURATION: 7 or 30 Days

STUDENT FEE: R 9 700:00 (7 Days) or R 30 000:00 (25 days)

Course Credits:

The course is fully endorsed by FGASA (Field Guide Association of Southern Africa) and accredited by the ISCI (International Students Conservation Initiative)

FGASA PRACTICAL PREP WEEKS/MONTH Pass your Level 1 or 2 Summative Assessment  with confidence...