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Field Guide, Wildlife & Hospitality Management School

- K  R  U  G  E  R     N  A  T  I  O  N  A  L     P  A  R  K -

In  terms  of  the  ecological  knowledge  required  by  guides,  there  are  a  multitude  of  available courses, but no other course covers the critical 'soft skills' explored in this course. What differentiates the competent from the truly exceptional and successful  guide?  

This course has the answers and the skills you may be looking for.  Whether you are an aspiring, practicing or professional guide; this course will remind you of why you chose this career to begin with, impart new skills and perspective and will leave you refreshed and re-motivated to provide guiding experiences at the very highest level.

The program was designed by veteran guides for guides wanting to present a more saleable brand of themselves; captivate an audience with charm and charisma; exercise impeccable manners and etiquette at all times; conduct themselves with confidence and ease; and leave guests with a positive first and lasting impression.

Special emphasis also falls on general knowledge enhancement, the art of bush interpretation, inter-personal skills, guest etiquette, guiding ethics & standards.

Also included in the package: Internal Skills/Knowledge Audit & Quality Assurance Assessment, Personal Development Plan (PDP) for the guide, Progress Report

Student Registration:

COURSE TYPE: Full-time Training\


STUDENT FEE: R 8 400:00

Course Credits:

The course is fully endorsed by FGASA (Field Guide Association of Southern Africa) and accredited by the ISCI (International Students Conservation Initiative)

FIELD GUIDE FINISHING PROGRAM Unleash your true guiding potential  and set a personal standard of excellence...