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Field Guide, Wildlife & Hospitality Management School

- K  R  U  G  E  R     N  A  T  I  O  N  A  L     P  A  R  K -

This is an intensive 7-day course focusing on all the key tools and techniques required for lodge managers to effectively lead and manage people and working teams.

 Using real life examples and insights from experienced facilitators; students will leave with a practical toolkit of best practice team leadership and people management techniques.

This rapid development program ensures that students are fully equipped with the essential management and leadership skills to achieve extraordinary results in the workplace. They will learn how to -Motivate Staff, -Communicate Effectively, -Conduct Outcome-based Meetings, -Build High Performance Teams, -Activate Best Practice Operations, -Streamline Communication Channels, -Monitor Performance and -Setting & Maintaining Operational Standards

We pack a huge amount into this course, and over the 7 days participants will experience a blend of easily accessible, pragmatic theory and practical thought-provoking exercises.

We ensure that everyone goes away having had a really enjoyable and rewarding learning experience, and that each and every participant have a specific action plan to improve their management capabilities.

It’s all about growing the next generation of leaders in hospitality and modelling excellence in everything we do…

Student Registration:

COURSE TYPE: Full-time Training


STUDENT FEE: R 8 400:00

Course Credits:

This course is accredited by the TRIDEN Hospitality Staff Investment Projects and the ISCI (International Students Conservation Initiative).

Course Modules:

Staff Motivation, Advanced Communication, Meeting Management, High Performance Teams, Best Practice Activation, Communication Systems, Performance Management, Standard Setting, The Modelling of Excellence and much more…

LODGE LEADERSHIP COURSE FASTRACK key-personnel to  effective team leadership and  people management...