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African bush  TRAINING   “Ex Africa Semper Aliquid Novi”

Field Guide, Wildlife & Hospitality Management School

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DURATION & COST: 21 Days | R 23 100:00 per student




Career Orientated Individuals, School-leavers & Gap-year Students




Become a custodian of wildlife conservation in Africa...

The emphasis is on the practical aspects of counter poaching, reserve protection, advanced wildlife monitoring and tracking. Your wilderness survival skills are also honed.

Africa’s wildlife is under tremendous pressure due to the international trade in endangered species, animal parts being sold for traditional/cultural medicine and to supply the ever going demand for bush meat .

AFRICAN BUSH TRAINING in joint venture with the ISCI (International Students Conservation Initiative), are now training young men and woman from around the world to assist Anti-Poaching initiatives throughout Southern Africa and Africa.  Members as young as 18 years are trained in Wildlife Protection with absolutely no experience or knowledge of wildlife, and deployed on Private Wildlife Reserves as Anti-Poaching support personnel to protect wilderness areas against the exploitation and harvesting of animals.

Based upon extensive direct counter-poaching experience, the course provides a theoretical and practical background to the prevention of poaching, theft and mutilation of wildlife from a game reserve perspective. The course focuses extensively on how to set up, implement and manage a functional Anti-poaching Unit with the emphasis on Active & Passive Prevention Plans, Counter Poaching Strategies, Poaching Methods, the Economics of Poaching, Anti-Poaching Equipment including the various Anti-Poaching Action Plans together with the Legalities of Anti-Poaching.

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