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Field Guide, Wildlife & Hospitality Management School

- K  R  U  G  E  R     N  A  T  I  O  N  A  L     P  A  R  K -

AFRICAN BUSH TRAINING offers you the unique opportunity to experience an unforgettable wildlife adventure in South Africa.

The 21-Day GAME BREEDING & WILDLIFE REHABILITATION COURSE focuses extensively on animal rehabilitation and the sustainable breeding of native animal species inhabiting the African savannah.

The growing need for more detailed knowledge on the Production and Rehabilitation of Wildlife  on  small and large reserves, provided the stimulus for producing this course. It is based upon extensive practical experience and provides a detailed, theoretical insight into the requirements of setting up and running  a  successful  wildlife  production  and or rehabilitation facility  on  game  reserves  and  conservancies.     

If you are a reserve owner, conservancy, wildlife or game farm manager; game ranger, game guide, game guard, trails guide or field guide or merely have an interest in this field; this course is a logical and practical guide for you.   

The course was  written  in  conjunction  with  the  renowned conservationists  and  environment  scientists, Professors J. du P. Bothma and N. van Rooyen.

Student Registration:

COURSE TYPE: Full-time Training


STUDENT FEE: R 26 200:00

Course Credits:

This course is accredited and fully endorsed by the ISCI (International Students Conservation Initiative).

Course Modules:

Introduction, Ecosystems, Basics- of Game Breeding, Animal Nutrition, Predator Management, Game Capture, Animal Care in Captivity, Species Accounts, Disease & Parasites, and much more…

GAME BREEDING & WILDLIFE REHABILITATION COURSE Join the frontline's of wildlife conservation  in Southern Africa…